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Amazon rainforest fruit powders - OUR SUPERFOOD

Rainforest fruits of the Amazon - Brazspice Spices Natural

Our Amazon rainforest fruit powders are great in Power/ Protein bars,  Healthy Instant Beverages, Healthy Energy Drinks , Ice cream, Chocolate, Frosting, Whipped cream, Bakery, Yogurt, Ganache etc.

Our products are wild harvested, and for this  we don’t have organic certification. 

  • Açaí pulp powder
  • Acerola pulp powder 
  • Acerola pulp powder 17% vit. C
  • Acerola pulp powder 25% vit. C
  • Advocado pulp powder
  • Banana dry (raisin style)
  • Banana pulp powder
  • Camu camu pulp powder
  • Camu camu pulp powder 20% vit. C
  • Cocoa powder
  • Cupuaçu pulp powder
  • Graviola pulp powder
  • Guarana extract powder
  • Guarana extract powder 10% caf.
  • Guarana extract powder 22% caf.
  • Guaraná pulp powder
  • Guarana seeds powder
  • Guava pulp powder
  • Lemon Cubes
  • Lemon pulp powder
  • Mango pulp powder
  • Mulberry pulp powder
  • Orange Cubes
  • Orange pulp powder
  • Papaya pulp powder
  • Passion fruit pulp powder
  • Pineapple pulp powder
  • Pitanga pulp powder

We have launched a LIQUID PULP line this month and we are with great prices. Acai, Acerola, Graviola, Pineapple, Mango, Passion Fruit and many others. If you are interested, please contact for a quotation. Our MOQ for this line is a container 20".
About our spray dried fruits as Acai, Acerola and Avocado, our MOQ is 100kg and we have great prices too! 

The richness of Brazilian biodiversity is presented here. Exotic fruits developed by the incredible and abundant nature of the Amazon and Cerrado.

  • At least 3000 fruits are found in the rain forests; of these, only 200 are now in use in the Western World. The Indians of the rain forest use over 2,000.

The overwhelming majority of our raw material comes from the extraction, to ensure products with minimal human intervention to ensure naturalness and quality of the products. Furthermore, in the process, grinding is placed at normal temperatures so that the flavor is retained. The entire production process is fully automated without human contact.

For more detailed information about above products or any requires? 

Please send an email to  spices@brazspice.com