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Can I order a trial shipment?

 Buyers are free to order any reasonable quantity of any product they desire, however they should be aware that the seller will not regard any shipment as a trial shipment, and that no extra product will be held in reserve for a buyer for subsequent orders. The price will be based on the ordered quantity. 

How recent must my Letter Of Intent be?

In order to proceed in good faith, the seller requires that the LOI (Letter of Intent) is no more than five days old. 

Do I need to supply bank details with my Letter of Intent?

 Yes. The seller requires bank details to be submitted with an LOI / ICPOin order to conduct a soft probe of the buyers accounts. The soft probe is used to gather evidence that the buyer is able to cover the cost of the trade, and provides assurance to the seller that the proposed trade is viable. The buyers Letter of Intent therefore must include bank details, authorization for a soft probe, and contact details for the buyers banking officer. 

Who pays for SGS inspections, and where do they take place?

SGS Inspections are paid for by the seller, and are carried out at the port of loading. 


FAQ - How is your pepper cleaned ?

All of our products offered are under strict quality control, in which all process steps are monitored and controlled, based on strict International quality standards. 

  • ASTA’s (USA) Cleanliness Specifications establish limits for macroscopic extraneous matter for domestic and imported spices, seeds and herbs coming into the United States. 
  • Recleaned; ( Europe ) systems of screen, wave, machine of ventilation.( the method is different ... but get the same result...of spiral or machine cleaned )
  • Fumigation is always done with Phostoxin.
  • Sterilization: Steam sterilization available depending the suppliers country.
  • ETO: means Ethylene Oxide Sterilization process, NOT available in Brazil.
  • Irradiation- sterilization service possible depending the suppliers country

Are you doing free samples?

As a general rule, samples provided not against a stipulated contract might not represent the exact lot that will be shipped.

  • In case of "analyze" / any lab control, we would need to hold a specific lot, which should be discussed specifically.
  • Offering samples once order is confirmed. Shipment only to sample approval.  

For new business enquiries we kindly ask you to use your own TNT/DHL/FEDEX account to send the sample. Please inform us about your sample quantity and type needed, your courier account number in case the order is not confirmed,  sample receiving address, company name, address and telephone and country samples restrictions, documents and receiver tax code if needed. Each country has their own regulations.

Please be advised that the samples might need to be inspected by the Health and Agricultural department of your country which could involve a Consignee Taxes payment. Please check with your Courier.

In some cases a clearing agent (or your courier) is required at the consignee's end. A clearing agent at the consignee's end makes clearance a lot simpler and we always recommend it for our customers. We normally send a certificate of origin and a Proforma invoice stating it’s a sample and a low value, with all shipments.

We advise Fedex for sending samples, since fedex has customs representatives that speed up the process. TNT and DHL do not, therefore it take longer and if detained, it will take too long.

What is the difference between Peperine, Volatile Oil and Oleoresin ?

The flavour's in spices are found in their oils.

Piperine - the main indicator of the taste of pepper. Responsible for the sharpness and burning - the characteristics for which consumers buy it. In the composition of high-quality pepper peas not less than 4% of piperine. 

Piperine is an antioxidant and antimicrobial compound. In addition, it lowers blood cholesterol, fights inflammation, improves digestion and increases absorption of some herbal and conventional drugs. 

Sri Lankan and Cambodia Pepper has a higher piperine content which gives it a superior quality and pungency.    

Volatile oils, which constitute about 0.4% to 7% of black pepper are responsible for the aroma of pepper, although piperine, as the major constituent of pepper oleoresins, imparts pungency to it.

Adds pepper characteristic "warm" flavor, richness and fullness of taste. Piperine and Essential oils are contained in the core of the pea pepper. 

Oleoresins are a naturally occurring combination of oil and resin that can be extracted from plants. They are a highly concentrated substance that exists in liquid form.   Because they have the same properties as the original spice, they can replace whole or ground spices without compromising aroma, flavor, or texture.

As a result, oleoresins have a lot of advantages over whole or ground spices. Oleoresins are easy to store and transport because concentrated forms reduce space and bulk. They can be more heat stable than raw spices and have a longer shelf life due to lower moisture content.  

What is the difference between Sun dried or Machine dried pepper?

Sun-dried Pepper and not machine dried, ensuring the natural flavour is retained and the process is environmentally friendly.  

The normal way to dry the black pepper is using the sun.. the pepper is extended on tarps on the floor (yards) in farm ..and the sun do the drying of the pepper. The method is decreasing year by year… because it´s use too much person in this job, and the cost increase.

Others points unfavorable for this method is :

This form to dry is not regular, for several times the pepper is very dry in one side and the opposite is not so dry, and this cause problems with mold in the future

·         The person walking on the pepper and this cause more problems with microbiologic

·         Birds and insect can walk on this pepper and they can defecate on the pepper ..

·         The time to be ready (dry ) is too long..  this action delay some days.. (in especial if the season is summer, can be rain every afternoon) and this delay the process.

Oven dried with indirect heating: 

This method use a big oven.. is possible to dry 3 until 9 tons in this machines, this method is increasing year by year… because there are many advantage as follow:

·         The pepper dry regular – all side of pepper because the oven is rotating and the grains get one uniform dry. 

·         There is no contact of person .. walking on the pepper.

·          Guarantee the grain will not have mold in the future, taking some samples and check the humid during the process.

·         There are no birds and insect walking on the pepper ..

·         The time to dry is controlled, and does not depend on the weather to dry..

·         The cost is cheaper to prepare, and the microbiology problems decrease.

The grains are more black, and the grains is more smooth.. there are less pucker grains, and less brown grains.