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Organic Pepper, Brazil

Organic certified Pink pepper of Brazspice Spices International

Organic Black pepper, Organic Pink pepper.

Pink Peppercorns are grown in the wild, mainly in the Atlantic Brazilian cost under natural conditions, we may say that it is an organically grown product, as it is grown without the use of any pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers, when the berries reaches maturity they are handpicked , dehydrated, cleaned and packed for human consumption.  Pink Peppercorn are fun to use in cooking as they add both a fruity peppery flavor and a bold, beautiful color.  

Our Organic Black pepper Brazil meets all Certifications needed.

Organic Spices, Sri Lanka

Certified Organic Spices of Brazspice Spices Brazil International

Our Spice Company's International Trade, offers Certified Organic Spices of High Quality Spices and are;

Certified under Control Union. 

Certified for Europe and USA (EU & NOP/USDA)

Spiral cleaned for Pepper and Cloves

Steam Sterilized and Non Sterilized for Organic and Conventional 

Black Pepper - 450gl/ 500gl/ 550gl/ 600gl/ 650gl/ 700gl/ 750gl/ Powder.

Black Pepper Light Berries - 380gl/ 400gl/ 500gl/ Min. 9% Piperine

White Pepper - 600gl/ 650gl/ 700gl/ Powder

Cloves HP - No.1/FAQ/Grinding Grade/Powder

Cinnamon: C5/C4/Chips/any cut form 5", 3" and Bale

Cinnamon Powders;

Quality 1. Quillings no. 1 and real cinnamon sticks

Quality no. 2 Quillings no.2 grade

Quality no. 3 FAQ quality cinnamon sticks.

All these grades will be supplied using 60 mesh.

Nutmeg - Whole/Broken/SS/Jumbo/Powder

Cardamom - Whole/Powder

Garcinia - Whole/Powder

Ginger - Powder

Turmeric - Powder - Mace - Powder

Even in smaller quantities around 1000kg - LCL Cargo

Organic Spices, Indonesia

Organic Spices Indonesia of Brazspice Spices International

All of our Organic Spices are:

Certified Organic
Pesticide free
Certified under Control Union
Certified USDA and EU

FDA Certification
Steam Sterilization; currently we are unable for Steam Sterilization in our Cassia powder, broken and sticks, our TEMA machine is designed only for pepper sizes products.


Halal/ Kosher

Organic Cassia/ Cinnamon 

Cassia/ Cinnamon - Sticks Vera AA 6-15 cm (  currently available only in 7 cm length  ) 

Cassia/ Cinnamon Ground 1.5% VO - 2% VO - 2.5% VO - 3% VO
Cassia/ Cinnamon - Broken KABC - Broken KBBC
Cassia/ Cinnamon  - TBC

Organic Black Pepper

Black Pepper - 550GL Whole - 550G/L Whole SS -  570G/L Whole +  - 570G/L Whole SS Upon request
Black Pepper - Ground - Ground, SS - Cracked - Cracked, SS 

Mace -  Broken Mace II - Mace Whole (Papua) - Mace Whole (S/A) 

Nutmeg - all grades like - Shrivels - Shells etc.

Organic Pepper, Cambodia - LIMITED

Whole Black Pepper origin Cambodia offered by Brazspice Spices International.

 All our Organic Peppers are:

Certified Organic.

Local Cambodia Certification body COrAA.



Variety: Kamchay

Piperine: 4.6g/100g MDL

Moisture: 12.00% Max

Foreign Matter: 0.5% Max

Our pepper is pesticides free because we have selected our pepper from GAP farmer producer.  Testing pesticides Organic: our supplier is planning to test the pesticides (if needed) in accordance to buyer requirement. For the buyer, pls give us your choice which country you are prefer to test.


Selected whole pepper, re-cleaned, sized for visual presentation that suit to Retail.

Aroma: Aromatic

Color: Dark Brown to Black

Taste: Very Hot and Biting

Product will be processed, packed and shipped hygienically.