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'Pepper is like chocolate or wine; the difference between good and bad is huge, you just don’t know it until you’ve tried the good stuff’. 

Brazspice International is one of Brazil largest traders and distributors of spices. Brazil Trade Business Group/ Brazspice is based in Brazil and Dutch owned. Focused to the International Commerce since 2002. We are a Trading House of Spices and Nuts with years of experience and a remarkable trajectory, exporting excellence in quality and quantity with shipments done to the 5 continents. 

• Black pepper whole/ powder

•White pepper whole/ powder

• Pink pepper whole

• Green pepper

• Black pepper pinheads

• White pepper skins

• Cubec pepper whole, powder

• Andaliman pepper

• Long pepper

• Chili pepper

• Allspice

• Cloves whole/ stem/ powder

• Cinnamon quills (sticks), quillings, featherings, chips, powder

• Cassia stick, crushed, powder.

• Nutmeg

• Mace

• Star Anise

• Turmeric

• Oregano

• Cardamon

• Mace

• Ginger whole/ powder

For more detailed information about above products or any requires? 

Please send an email to  spices@brazspice.com

Free samples.

As a general rule, samples provided not against a stipulated contract might not represent the exact lot that will be shipped.

  • In case of "analyze" / any lab control, we would need to hold a specific lot, which should be discussed specifically.
  • Offering samples once order is confirmed. Shipment only to sample approval