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Brazspice International is one of Brazil largest traders and distributors of spices. Brazil Trade Business Group/ Brazspice is based in Brazil and Dutch owned. Focused to the International Commerce since 2002. We are a Trading House of Spices and Nuts with years of experience and a remarkable trajectory, exporting excellence in quality and quantity with shipments done to the 5 continents. 

• Black pepper whole/ powder

•White pepper whole/ powder

• Pink pepper whole

• Green pepper

• Black pepper pinheads

• White pepper skins

• Cubec pepper whole, powder

• Andaliman pepper

• Long pepper

• Chili pepper

• Allspice

• Cloves whole/ stem/ powder

• Cinnamon quills (sticks), quillings, featherings, chips, powder

• Cassia stick, crushed, powder.

• Nutmeg

• Mace

• Star Anise

• Turmeric

• Oregano

• Cardamon

• Mace

• Ginger whole/ powder

For more detailed information about above products or any requires? 

Please send an email to  spices@brazspice.com

Free samples.

As a general rule, samples provided not against a stipulated contract might not represent the exact lot that will be shipped.

  • In case of "analyze" / any lab control, we would need to hold a specific lot, which should be discussed specifically.
  • Offering samples once order is confirmed. Shipment only to sample approval